Car and Driver – “Superformance MKIII R Godzilla: The spiciest of Cobra, now with Ford’s 7.3 V8”

“Superformance MKIII R Godzilla: The spiciest of Cobra, now with Ford’s 7.3 V8”

The famous V8 5.0 Coyote is a classic, but when you think big, why not give the Cobra the most colossal V8 from Ford?

The Shelby Cobra is still today one of the most revered classics especially in the United States, so much so that a large number of replicas and restomods have emerged in recent years trying to replicate and even surpass the sensations of that 60s model. Originating from a British roadster, Carroll Shelby installed a colossal 7.0-liter V8 engine to produce the legendary Cobra 427 .

Nowadays in the world of replicas the favorite option of the preparers is the famous V8 Coyote 5.0 of the Ford Mustang, but for those who like the truly “fat” Superformance engines , one of the most advantaged students in the field. that restomods and replicas of the Cobra is concerned, has been updated to its version of the Cobra beast, the MKIII-R of which already talked not long ago , with huge V8 7.3 – liter Godzilla .

A heart like that of other times

The Godzilla is a block reserved for the greatest titans of the current Ford range, such as the F-250 and F-350 pick-ups, and in this new version of the spicier Superformance Cobra it is capable of developing a more than respectable 435 CV of power and 644 Nm of maximum torque, however we know that with a little more push in the form of a little forced induction it could offer much more.

The transplant was also quite simple with the help of V’s Performance, which also adapted the height, hooked it to a Tremec five-speed manual transmission and of course to an exclusively rear-wheel drive to offer maximum fun at the wheel with its only 834 kg of weight in empty.

To this is added the fact that its sound is simply addictive as can be seen in this video below, which also shows us that the aggressive bodywork of the Superformance MKIII-R with extra aerodynamics and cooling is still present, as well as other components. mechanics to bring out all its performance, including Bilstein coilovers , powerful Wilwood brakes and Hailbrand tires.

The same goes for the interior where we find a neat black leather upholstery with two-color stitching or modern electronic indicators on a dashboard that maintains its classic essence.

Although Superformance usually sells its models as a chassis and body without the powertrain included, it is said that the total cost of this specific model has been about $ 134,950, about 115,095 euros at the exchange within the reach of not everyone.