Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai – Terry Silver’s Cobra
The Story

In April of 2020…Brad Gouldsmith, owner of Preston Ashford Media Group, reached out to Cobra Kai Producer Jon Hurwitz about an idea to put a Cobra replica car on the show. The two discussed the possibilities and Brad offered to coordinate the project. As a media creator of Superformance (a builder of replica cars), Brad made the introductions between CEO Lance Stander and Jon. The Unit Production Manager then visited the Superformance facility to confirm the project. Downforce Motorsports was chosen to supply the car to the production. Brad & Transportation Captain David Latham selected a Superformance MKIII to play…TERRY SILVER’S COBRA.

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Cobra Kai – Terry Silver’s Cobra
The Car

Terry Silver’s Superformance MKIII is a 1965 Shelby Cobra replica car. Power comes from a Smeding Performance 351W base 427 cubic inch stroker engine producing a dyno proven 600HP. The engine is finished with matching black/brushed valve covers and air cleaner and a Holley double pumper carb that provides great power. That power is transferred through a TKO600 5 speed manual transmission. The exterior is finished in Viper Steel Grey with black LeMans stripes and red pinstripes. The interior is done in black. The MKIII rolls on Halibrand styled knock off wheels that provide an aggressive stance, great handling and an inspiring look. It was built by Downforce Motorsports. After the filming of Cobra Kai Season 4 wrapped, it was sold to a private owner. The car resides in South Carolina.

Cobra Kai – Terry Silver’s Cobra
The Timeline

April 2020 – Preston Ashford Media Group (PAMG) reaches out to Jon Hurwitz and pitches the idea of a Cobra replica car on the show. The two discuss ideas and initial meetings with the production.

October 2020 – The Cobra Kai production meets with PAMG and Superformance to check out their MKIII car and confirm the project. The idea of the car being silver for Terry Silver is brought up.

December 2020 – Preston Ashford Media Group works with Superformance to find a dealer local to the production in Atlanta. Downforce Motorsports in South Carolina is chosen to supply the car. PAMG coordinates between the transportation captain and Downforce. A Silver-Grey MKIII is selected.

March 2021 – The car arrives on set in Georgia to shoot its scene. It briefly appears as one of Terry Silver’s cars. PAMG was hoping that it would have a bigger role, but is still proud that the car was on the show.

December 2021 – Cobra Kai Season 4 debuts on December 31, 2021. The car finally makes its appearance over a year and a half after the start of the project.

Terry Silver’s Cobra, top & bottom, on the set of Cobra Kai