The Brothers

Brad and Bryce are brothers who have always had a unique perspective. Growing up in Southern California, they were always influenced by film and knew they wanted to be a part of it. They were also inspired by famous brothers in the industry; such as the Coen brothers, Christopher and Jonathan Nolan and the Warners. They both attended Cal Poly Pomona University and Bryce graduated Summa Cum Laude. After their studies, they pursued their dream and moved closer to the movie studios in Burbank, California. It took many years, but eventually Bryce became a location scout for independent productions and film schools. Brad took up independent film and videography on a part time basis, while working corporate jobs. They both sought greater challenges and knew that they could only work under others for so long. In June 2021, Brad decided to launch a business they could both thrive under. It would be called “Preston Ashford Media Group”. 

Preston Ashford Media Group Owner Brad Gouldsmith, left, and Vice President Bryce Gouldsmith in Beverly Hills, California

About Preston Ashford

Preston Ashford Media Group was founded on a simple premise; deliver exceptional results to exceptional clients. Since the beginning, our founder Brad Gouldsmith envisioned a prestigious marketing brand. In order to establish it, he decided to immerse himself in Beverly Hills culture. Beverly Hills is not only an upscale city, but is also a worldwide brand. Brad recognized this and invited his brother to tour Rodeo Drive with him. Surrounded by the world’s best, they discussed how their brand would embody the same spirit. Who you choose to represent your business will ultimately define your success. When you choose Preston Ashford Media Group, you choose something exceptional. Our dynamic approach will bring results. We are not “storytellers”, we are professionals who stand by their work. We align with our clients to identify their vision and goals. Whether it is a small business or a Fortune 500 client, we will bring the same passion. We specialize in videography & media for advertising, marketing and promotion. With over 10 years experience prior to founding Preston Ashford Media Group, we know how to make an impression. Drive your business forward and contact us today for a consultation or quote.

Preston Ashford Media Group’s original office, pictured, in Beverly Hills, California