Yet Another Classic With An Electric Conversion

If you want an Shelby Cobra, but can’t afford a 1 million-plus dollar original, there’s no better place to turn than Superformance. They’ve been making Shelby Cobras and other replicas since 1994, and they’re pretty good at it. But times are changing in the automotive industry, and electric powertrains are becoming ever more common, and are even being put in classics, like Chevrolet’s electric Blazer SEMA car. That’s why Superformance have just teased their latest project- an electric Cobra.

We don’t know much about it, other than the details we can gather from the Superformance teaser video, which you can watch below. The vehicle is currently in development and coming soon, and is radically different from the Cobra that Carroll Shelby designed with AC despite looking almost identical. Although it’s hard to see, it looks like there is still a grille on the front, showing Superformance’s commitment to the original design.

It also seems to have some sort of electric whine when driving away in the video. As fast as electric cars can go from the stoplight, that gets old after a while. To be true enthusiast vehicles, sports cars specifically, EVs need an emotional connection, and sound is a great way of achieving that. Other than that, Superformance gives us no more clues on their first EV.

No matter what the final product is like, it’s not going to be alone in the incredibly niche electric Cobra segment. AC, the original designer of the Cobra before Shelby gave it some American muscle, have also revealed their own electric Cobra. Output is rated at 308 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque, and should hit 150 miles in total range. The 0-60 sprint is dealt with in 6.7 seconds. It’s not a rocket ship, but as a weekend cruiser on a beautiful day, it should do the trick. Expect the Superformance electric Shelby Cobra to hit similar specs to be competitive. It may even be faster, as it is a Shelby Cobra after all.